⭐ Your Work Serves a Purpose: Make That Purpose Visible
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⭐ Your Work Serves a Purpose: Make That Purpose Visible

⭐ Your Work Serves a Purpose: Make That Purpose Visible

Kanban people remind us to visualize work.

The default example is a board full of cards that represent tasks and their status.

Something like this:

That is a powerful tactic and we will surely explore it in future posts.

But now I want to start with something a little different:

Visualize the outcomes your work is intended to deliver, not just the work itself.

Both direct and indirect outcomes.

Direct outcomes are the immediate results of your actions: for example the code you’ve written or the blog posts you’ve published.

Please note, it will be important soon: there’s minimal uncertainty about the action => outcome connection.

Direct outcomes are one thing, but it’s the indirect outcomes that are what really counts.

Most people care less about the code you’ve written and more about the app it is running,

less about the raw text of your posts and more about the things they can learn from them.

The gold is burried in the human needs waiting to be served by the (indirect) ourcomes of your work.

The only problem is that the connection between action and indirect outcomes is, well… indirect.

To achieve the really important indirect outcomes you need sustained action over time

… and some feedback loops to correct course on your way.

It can be hard, but if you consistently keep your eyes on what matters most you are bound to achieve amazing results.

Go forth and visualize!