👹 What can you learn from the part of yourself you hate the most

According to Carl Jung each one of us carries a shadow.

The shadow is a part of us we hate the most. The weaknesses and tendencies we are desperate to suppress. The parts we will do anything to hide from people.

I learned about the the concept in June 2020 when I attended John Scherer's Leadership Development Intensive program.

The most intense part of the program was exploring our shadows. We did it by choosing a pop culture figure that most closely resembled what we would least like to be.

Mine was Hanibal Lecter 🤫🐑

But then came the most surprising part came right after:

We were asked to learn from our shadow 😱

To consider if maybe by avoiding the most hated traits we were also avoiding things that could serve us well.

To take a small part of the shadow and learn from it without becoming it (it's a shadow for a reason, after all).

If you're up for the challenge ask yourself:

What would I most hate to hear people saying about me behind my back?

and then

What part of that can I learn from, without going too far?

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