🥥 Don't keep valuable ideas locked up

🥥 Don't keep valuable ideas locked up

Meeting minutes are where great ideas are left to die

One question:

How often do you go back to old meeting notes?


… me neither.

As I do more and more remote work one key discipline has become to work out loudand leave tracks. To capture important information as I go.

But that can create it’s own set of problems. 

That’s why managing the flow of information is one of the three key skills of remote work.

Especially the async kind of remote work.

One key idea is to libreate ideas from their shells.

As an example: I recently switched my note taking method from organizing notes around the source (e.g. book, youtube talk or podcast) towards giving each idea it’s own note. So if I listen to a podcast I might have 3-5 separate notes from it. It works wonders for my learning.

Ok, back to work.

If a great idea starts life in a meeting it might find it’s way to the aforementioned meeting notes. But for it to have room to grow it needs to be liberated from there.

  1. For a great idea to grow we need to be able to link to it directly. It needs to be individually addressable.
  2. For a great idea to grow we need to be able to put it in various collections of related ideas, ideas to follow-up on, etc.
  3. For a great idea to grow we need to be able to use it as a building block for higher-level ideas.

Side note: That’s why the C in AsyncABC is “Connect Everything

What’s in it for you?

How many of your ideas died because they didn’t have what they needed to grow?

Which of your current ideas can you liberate from their shells?

TODO: Create just a bit more space for a great idea. Capture it in a tangible form. Put it somewhere where you can easily link to it. Add it to a collaction in which it’s most likely to be picked up. Then build on top of it.

Do it now!