⚔️ Heroic Adventurers vs. Brutish Invaders

⚔️ Heroic Adventurers vs. Brutish Invaders

Check Your Story

Have you ever found yourself on one side of a situation like this?

Ancient philosophers knew it and modern ones developed the idea:

We do NOT have direct access to reality:

  1. We perceive an extremely small part of it using our limited and unreliable senses
  2. Then we interpret the meaning based on our cultural context, past experience, the vocabulary we wield and even our needs and wants.
  3. Then do we decide what to do.

And that’s an extremely good thing. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to function in an extremely complex world.

But sometimes it can lead to,

let’s just say,

suboptimal results.

As Caitlin Walker teaches us:

  1. we should be able to distinguish between the evidence we see or hear
  2. and the inference – that is the story we make up about it

Is your story really the most useful story you could be telling yourself about the situation?

How would the story change if you assumed positive intent?

Until next time,


* Warriors cover image by Jaime Spaniol via Unsplash