This section of the website contains working notes. Working notes are more developed than private notes, but not quite optimized for general distribution. I'd love to get your feedback or questions about the thoughts growing within.


In developing my notes I am heavily inspired by:

Roam, Roam Bookmarklet and Unilog

Before arriving here my thoughts live in Roam which is the closest thing we have to a Memex. I've made a bookmarklet to copy quotes with page title and url, so that they can be pasted into Roam. A long time ago (2012) I've built a simple web app called Unilog that served a subset of my needs currently served by Roam.

Under Construction

In the grand tradition personal websites this one is under construction 🚧. Check back often for new stuff! 😊


Here's a list of all the notes currently in the system: