I'm a co-founder of People Skills for Geeks, where we teach a no bullshit approach to being happy and effective. I also help others with their ux and product strategy as one half of Fluid Circle. Previously I served as an Agile Coach, helping nudge people towards better ways of working together.


I wrote "30 Days of Scrum" a series of articles in Polish about the basics of Scrum. I wrote several case studies about how companies use Agile. I wrote "The Three Pillars of Agile" for Computerworld Polska. I co-translated and published Jurgen Appelo's "How to Change the World".


Recent speaking gigs include "Google Design Sprint" at Agile Book Club (Nov-2018), "Miswanting in Product Management" at the Product Management Festival, Zurich (Nov-2018)", "Google Design Sprtints at Mission mPossible, an internal mBank conference (Oct-2018)". Some older talks include: "Thinking Tools for Product Owners" at Agile by Example (2014) and "How Do Great Entrepreneurs Think" at Geecon (2015).


I've spent a long time helping people be happier and more effective using Agile. Here's how the lead coach at Sabre described working with me. For a while I was a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC). SAFe is not evil.


I wrote a poker odds calculator that can handle 3-card hold'em. I wrote a simple face recognizer using Facebook's OpenFace library and a minimal url shortner using nodejs while at 9livesdata. I wrote a prototype for a journaling/log app called Unilog using Python/Django. I wrote a Go Rating Calculator using PHP. I created several websites using Drupal and/or raw HTML/CSS.


At the height of my career I held the rank of 3 dan (European). I was the organizer of many local, national and international tournaments including the 2004 European Go Championship. I've held various roles in the Polish Go Association for more than a decade.

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